.: Metal-Steel Ltd. - Belgrade, Serbia :.


Metal-Steel, BelgradeMetal-Steel Ltd. Was founded in 1998 as a company with largely foreign capital. Today we are mostly known in the market as the producer of steel bright drawn wire and products that can be made from it.

The quality of our products is of the most importance and the reason why clients decide to choose us in the market competition.

A wide range of services is what our clients need and what they can always count on with Metal-Steel Ltd. Therefore, in our wholesale we offer, not only our products, but all the products of ferrous metallurgy available on the market.

With retail, transport, planning and the service of installment we make a perfect package for any client in Serbia and abroad for a business well done.

Metal-Steel_wireIn our work, we tend to keep up with all the developments of the industry we are part of and to keep the quality of our work on the highest level possible.

Our future goals are the increase of the quality of our service and products, the increase of our production and the preservation of the environment. The environmental issue is one of the top priorities and we always keep in mind the aspect of the preservation of the environment in the process of our production.

Because of our planning, work and results, we expect the increase of our export and our presence in the foreign markets.